Helping organizations thrive during times of change is NOT a formulaic process; it requires experience, judgment, agility, creativity, and sometimes a sense of humor!

Change does not always wait for the most convenient time or the most advantageous conditions in which to strike. And business leaders who delay the assessment and mitigation of the risks associated with change can incur a heavy cost, measured in Human Resource metrics (e.g. unwanted attrition, employee engagement), Operational metrics (e.g. reduced productivity, inefficiency) or Financial metrics (e.g. lower profitability, a project’s internal rate of return).

We focus our Strategic Change Advisory practice on helping leaders plan for change, enabling the organization to lead change, and assisting sponsors in the execution of a change plan. And for companies that have their own change function, we can help the team to mature and better deliver change across the organization.

LSA was founded ten years ago by seasoned consultants who believe that a change methodology should be simple, tools should be functional and easy to use, insights should be compelling, and results should be clear. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to transfer knowledge and better prepare them to lead the changes of tomorrow.

Specific areas of expertise include:

• Organizational Risk & Readiness, Stakeholder Management

• Leadership Alignment & Development

• Organizational Design & Performance Management

• Talent Management & Workforce Transition

• Communication Strategy, Planning & Implementation

• Change Agent/Champion Mobilization

• Establishing a World Class Change Management Function

• Workforce Training