Lake Shore Associates is an expert in helping organizations strategize, negotiate and operationalize a supplier relationship.

The name of the game is speed. Deliver faster and cheaper with new value levers. These are the marching orders that many organizations face in today’s highly complex marketplace. As a result, leaders continue to look for external suppliers to drive value, mitigate risks, and reduce costs. A traditional “vendor management” team used to help organizations buy these goods and services. But with complexity comes the need for “vendor management” to get a facelift and become a seamless enabler of business strategy. Suppliers now touch every part of a business and to ensure an organization can run as it should, it needs to ensure services procured are actually delivered and measured. If any part of the performance link is broken, exposure to the organization and its stakeholders can result in substantial losses.

LSA has helped organizations navigate the full life cycle of a supplier relationship from defining the sourcing strategy to accelerating the evaluation of potential suppliers to ensuring compliance of the contract. While each part of the life cycle is critical, the biggest risks that organizations face are when they have to operationalize the contract from a “paper heavy” document into a meaningful roadmap to delivery including mutual benefit to both parties.

Specific areas of expertise include:

• Sourcing Strategy

• Risk Management

• Roadmap Alignment

• Spend Analysis

• Capability Assessment

• Scoring & Executive Recommendation

• Negotiation Strategy

• Contract Execution

• Contract Management

• Performance (SLA) Review

• Service Compliance

• Financial Obligation Management