We’re laser-beam focused on delivering results and it starts with world class strategy.


maze-blue2Lake Shore Associates shines when it comes to deriving strategic advantages for our clients. We do our homework and dig deeply into each client’s unique capabilities and assets to fully comprehend the challenges at hand. We examine them through the lens of broader trends in industry and technology and we tirelessly seek out answers.

Our team members can provide industry analysis or develop key insights into specific risks and opportunities impacting your company. The Lake Shore Associates team successfully drives the identification, substantiation, and communication of the strategic imperatives that shape our clients’ success.


Specific areas of expertise include:

•   Opportunity Analysis

•   Portfolio Management and Optimization

•   Business Process Analysis and Design

•   Capital Planning

•   Strategic Outsourcing and Offshoring

•   Strategy Formulation and Alignment

•   Operations Effectiveness and Efficiency Analysis

•   Lifecycle Planning