Lake Shore Associates is a management consulting firm
that provides strategic, unbiased, and objective advisory
and delivery services to improve an organization’s
productivity and performance.

For well over a decade now we have entered each engagement the same way, by listening to your needs first.
Your story combined with our experience discloses insights and reveals options. Let us accompany you
on your journey to success.

What We Do

Before we take out our “Swiss Army” knife of solutions, we take time to listen and understand the situation.
Recommendations are right-sized to be appropriate for your business and culture. We share our point of view
and experiences that can help you determine with confidence the best path forward for your organization.




How We Think

We believe that the thoughtful application of process is instrumental in delivering successful outcomes.
It is also important to go above and beyond that to ensure achievements satisfy current needs and are
sustainable into the future.

  • Putting the right people with the right skills on the team
  • Providing collaborative leadership that inspires and motivates
  • Continuously monitoring performance and adjusting course where appropriate


Our Experience