Relationship management is a critical component, but not where we recommend you start. Trouble can start from a lack of alignment at the outset only to be exacerbated by contracts that are difficult to understand and manage. Let us be your match-maker or relationship counselor to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with your vendor community.


Whether you are in the process of discovery or recalibrating an existing partnership, sharing an objective view of where your journey begins and the planned destination provides the strategic compass necessary to align direction, priorities, and decisions.

Contracts that are well constructed describe the mutual desired behaviors and includes deliverables as well as expected service levels; all necessary at an operational level. In today’s business environment where strategic alliances can be a competitive advantage, a more holistic approach should also describe how additional value is created and shared between partners.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Vendor Alignment

• Sourcing Strategy

• Spend Analysis

• Roadmap Alignment

• Risk Management

Evaluation & Selection

• Capability Assessment

• Scoring & Executive Recommendation

• Negotiation Strategy

• Contact Operationalization

Relationship Management

• Contract Management

• Performance Review

• Service Quality Compliance

• Financial Obligation Management