As good stewards of your time, talent, and treasure, we will ensure investments produce results by configuring our capabilities to meet your specific needs. Let us facilitate desired outcomes from your smallest initiative to the largest programs by leveraging our expertise and integrated approach.



When you only have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Our integrated and multi-disciplinary framework enables LSA to right-size each engagement with the added comfort of knowing a completely equipped toolbox is always at the ready to address any unforeseen circumstances.
Areas of Expertise

• Requirements Management

• Business Case Evaluation

• Change Control

• Lifecycle Planning

• Budget Management

• Benefits Management

• Service Level Management

• Milestone & Gating

• Operational Transition

• Change Risk Assessment

• Leadership Alignment

• Workforce Training

• Issue & Risk Management

• Status Reporting

• Implementation Readiness

•  Workplan Management

•  Schedule Integration

•  Time & Resource Tracking