In today’s business environment, transformation requires complex coordination across multiple platforms, time-zones, partners and cultures.

Success requires leadership, processes, and tools uniquely adapted to meet this challenge.

Companies today have tremendous flexibility and project delivery capacity through the use of vendors, outsourcing, and offshoring to augment their in-house capabilities. The ability to scale capabilities has never been greater—however, this additional capacity comes with broadly distributed resources that have few interaction points in their day-to-day activities and often have little contractual incentive to work together. To make matters more challenging, integration across systems and platforms is now so prevalent that customers expect (and demand) that their company’s financial, sales, fulfillment and support systems operate in harmony to share information and provide a 360-degree-view of their accounts and activity. Therefore, coordination of ALL resources–internal, vendor, and outsourced—is essential to the achievement meaningful results.

Lake Shore Associates (LSA), helps companies Build, Operate, and Improve solutions that simplify and bring clarity to the modern discord of competing demands and disjointed capabilities. Our team uses experience and insight to find solutions that simplify Project, Program, and Portfolio governance in a way that works within our clients’ unique environments to improve decisioning and execution. We believe that the most successful companies do not simply pepper additional reports or processes into the old way of doing things. Instead, these companies integrate comprehensive decisioning, project/program delivery, and communication governance into all of their portfolio execution activities. They have processes that dynamically assess and re-calibrate based on shifts in business needs, technical capabilities, or unexpected issues.

LSA P3MO offering aligns Project, Program and Portfolio Management activities to drive toward the achievement of strategic business outcomes with agility, quality and efficiency. We help our clients focus on the attainment of their most pressing objectives. This help can take multiple forms—managing critical projects and programs, assessing and improving current capabilities across their project, program and portfolio management competencies or even building and standing-up new capabilities for our clients.

LSA P3MO team has the experience and knowledge to help your company Build, Operate, and Improve your Project, Program, and Portfolio Management capabilities to ensure that your resources are focused on the right projects and working in unison to deliver with quality, speed, and efficiency!

Specific areas of expertise include:

• Project and Program Management

• Portfolio Management

• Performance Assessment across Project and Program Delivery

• Establishment of Governance and Decisioning Models

• Improvement of Governance and Decisioning Models

• Risk and Issue Management

• Prioritization and Scope Management

• Financial Management

• Delivery Management

•  Time and Resource Management

•  Quality Management

•  Organizational Change Management