We’re laser-beam focused on delivering results and it starts with world class strategy.


Lake Shore Associates (LSA) is an expert in strategic execution – understanding an executive strategy often developed at a conceptual level and identifying the tasks, resources, timeline and budget required to realize full business value.

Developing a strategy is often the easy part. Executing on that strategy requires discipline and endurance to realize the vision in the face of ever-changing market conditions. Our clients often engage our team to translate their strategy into reality. We take their conceptual, glossy PowerPoint report and develop an implementation roadmap that incorporates the existing climate for change within the organization. From that roadmap, we are able to quickly align key stakeholders and mobilize the work into the proper sequence of relevant projects.

Our mantra at LSA is “plan the work – work the plan”. Regardless of how big or small the initiative, we have the line of sight and experience to think through all that is required to deliver. Whether a three-year transformation or a three-month project, our thought process and planning discipline is quite similar. We combine the art of customized program design with the discipline of measurable execution to drive tangible business results. Please reach out to LSA to explore innovative approaches that address your most critical business priorities.


Specific areas of expertise include:

•   Business Case Development

•   Risk & Readiness Assessment

•   Stakeholder & Leadership Alignment

•   Change Impact

•   Resource Planning

•   Work Plan Integration

•   Vendor Management

•   Communication Strategy

•   Scope & Prioritization

•   Financial Modeling

•   Implementation Readiness

•   Quality Assurance

•   Steady State Planning

•   Process Maturity Measurement

•   Benefits Realization

•   Continuous Improvement