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Recruiting Talent Through Building Relationships

by Eva Ciampini

July 17, 2017 | Change Management

The best recruiting processes attract top talent; however it is also equally important to focus on building relationships with candidates and potential applicants and providing a great experience. Relationships and trust matter and it’s important to create, manage and leverage them to build your talent pipeline. The good news is that building relationships and providing a great candidate experience does not really take rigorous work or financial cost.

Communication is one of the most effective ways to court top candidates and manage your talent pipeline. The very best recruiting processes build and manage relationships with potential and existing candidates by effectively and frequently communicating with your talent pool. Essentially no amount of job perks or benefits will be substantial enough for great candidates if they don’t have a positive experience and a level of trust.

A candidate wants to know and understand where they are in the process. Simple things as providing a confirmation email letting the candidate know their resume was received and they are being considered sets a positive tone. During the different phase of the recruiting, candidates want to know where they stand and when they can expect some news. By simply following up with an email update or a quick call keeping them abreast of the process goes along way. In keeping candidates updated throughout the process will allow you to have more loyal candidates and as a result more committed hires. Even if the candidates are not being considered any longer they have the right to know about it and in a timely manner. Candidates that aren’t hired will leave your recruiting process feeling respected and valued. Candidates that are hired after a positive experience will be excited and ready to jump in and get started. Their commitment to your company has begun to take shape throughout the entire process.

Another important aspect of recruiting is managing your candidate pipeline by keeping candidates warm. Even though you may not have an immediate opportunity for them it’s important to be consistent, stay in touch and continue to share company information and new job opportunities. It can be as simple as sending a monthly touch base email as well as sending a monthly blog. This blog gives your candidate insight into your company, the culture and the solutions offered. Recruiting great talent and building relationships take time and cultivation and you will be building a great pool of talent to source from. By staying in touch and sharing information keeps them interested and engaged with your company. When they are ready to make a change you have already convinced them that your company is great fit. Another benefit to maintaining great communication with candidates is that they are a wonderful source of candidate referrals.

Essentially the relationship you build and maintain with your candidates will determine how they feel about your company. The result will positively impact your bottom line and your return on your time and relationship investment. They are far more likely to consider you for future jobs roles, doing business with you or recommend you to their talent network. If you like a company work environment where you are stimulated, inspired, valued and have work life balance come take a look and like our LSA Facebook page