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Initiative Prioritization (Part Two):

In our last blog, we discussed a very simple approach to establishing Goals and Priorities. The simple approach we …

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Initiative Prioritization (Part One)

As we begin a new year, we often contemplate our successes and challenges from the previous year and …

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Nightmare on Strategy Street

Raise your hand if you’ve seen this “movie” before.  A new corporate strategy is unveiled.  Promises of innovation, …

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Breathing Life Into Your Status Meeting

You begin an ordinary Wednesday morning in the middle of an ordinary week. …

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Importance of Status Reports

Who is Telling the Story of the Project?

In the movie, The American President, there is the quote, “People …

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Post-Merger Integration – It’s always about the people!

For companies that grow inorganically, post-merger integration must consider the people impacts to gain any expected synergies of …

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The Accidental Project Manager

During a recent client meeting, I facilitated a Discovery session identifying the issues my client was facing running …

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Agile vs Waterfall: A Business Approach to Value Creation.

Value Creation should ultimately define your program delivery approach.

As a response to the market driven disruptions that impact business, …

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Navigating Rough Waters

Change Management and Pharma

The pharma sector is changing, and well positioned to thrive, in what appears to be …

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Recruiting Talent Through Building Relationships

The best recruiting processes attract top talent; however it is also equally important to focus on building …

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