Change is good. But change is hard.

Any successful change effort, whether it’s a large systems implementation or a new member joining the team, requires discipline and strong leadership throughout the organization. The more variables, the more discipline required to ensure success and minimize risks.

Fancy demos and nice dinners don’t solve tough challenges.

There are thousands of technology vendors that want you as a client. Having a methodology to pick the right one is critical to finding a good fit. It also doesn’t happen overnight. A nice meal doesn’t hurt, but you also need a process that helps keep you on the right path.

Use a hammer for nails but a screwdriver for screws.

Every client situation has its unique challenges so there’s no one right way to solve the problem every time. Having the right tools and knowing how to use them improves productivity and outcomes.

Expertise is nothing without instincts.

It’s more than just experience. It’s how you’ve learned from those experiences that give you wisdom to share with others. Our experienced consultants unite functional expertise and human understanding to provide True Partnership in four focus areas of management consulting.

LSA helps clients tackle their most challenging problems. Hard work and smart thinking brings success. It also brings insights to help us solve better the next time.